About Us


Port Edgar Watersports CIC is the largest watersports and activity centre in Scotland. From sailing to powerboating, from beginners to advanced we are here to help you get out on the water. We are passionate about watersports and our dedicated staff ensure a warm welcome and a high quality experience for everyone.


Our underlying mission for the future is to create the opportunity for everyone to live a healthy lifestyle through participation in watersports.


Our business ethos reflects our infectious passion for watersports and aims to deliver social, environmental and economic outcomes through:

  • Education – Apart from the obvious nautical knowledge aspects, for many people watesports can also be about self-development, confidence, overcoming personal challenges & learning life skills for the future.
  • Social – The sailing and watersports community is well known for being friendly & welcoming; it is a place to meet people, make friends and share the experience.
  • Creative – Watersports can take a morning to learn and a lifetime to master, inspire and be inspired by like-minded people with common goals & interests.
  • Community – The Centre is a place for young people, adults and the elderly where experience can be shared, enjoyed and passed on. A place to become involved in at the heart of their community.
  • Equal Opportunity – Our Centre will continue to make our services available and accessible to everyone including those with physical or mental disabilities.  We will invest in the equipment and resources required to ensure this support forms a core part of our strategy.

We are a Social Enterprise

Port Edgar Watersports CIC was set up as a Community Interest Company (CIC) limited by guarantee because we want to use the Centre to make a positive social difference in the world. To find out more about what this means in practise and how to get involved in our Social Impact Programme click here.

We look forward to seeing you soon!