Shore Based Courses


Are you ready for life on the ocean wave?

If you spend much time on the water – either as a commercial operator or a frequent sailor – it’s a good idea to arm yourself with as many skills as possible. From first aid to diesel engine maintenance, and sea survival to navigation, our shore-based courses are a great way to gain new skills or qualifications. As well as preventing minor mishaps from turning into major ones, they could open up new career options, or let you plan some more ambitious sailing voyages.

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All our courses are delivered by our partner company Edinburgh Marine Academy.

To make a booking directly with Edinburgh Marine Academy CLICK HERE  Please note that this will take you to the Edinburgh Marine Academy website.

First Aid & Sea Survival

These courses will help you avoid and deal with everything from minor incidents to major emergencies, at sea or on land.

RYA Marine Radio

Short-range marine radios form the basis of communication at sea. We will take you through all the elements needed to use them legally.

RYA Navigation and Theory Courses

Navigation is a crucial skill for every water user, and these courses will take you from basics to yachtmaster.

Online Courses

Many theory courses and licenses can be covered online.

RYA Diesel Engine Maintenance

Find out everything you need to keep your engine running smoothly and reliably.