Case Study – Cyrenians


In February a group of eight young people from Cyrenians Residential Communities came along to Port Edgar Watersports to try out Keelboat Sailing. Cyrenians is a Scottish charity that supports people excluded from family, home, work or community to transform their lives.

Most of the group had never been in a Keelboat and were excited but also a bit apprehensive. The weather was good (but very cold!) and the instructor’s, Andrew and Matt, got everyone kitted up and on board two 707 Keelboats.

After a brief introduction, the crew helped to rig the boats before setting sail out of the harbour. Each person was given a task and worked as a team to be the first people ever to sail underneath the fully connected new forth road bridge – an exciting moment which led to some spontaneous singing!

The two boats then turned around and raced each other to the Forth Rail Bridge – a race that Matt’s team won! The crew then got to swap tasks with everyone getting a chance to steer, control the main sail and control the jib.

Finally, they headed back in to the harbour and derigged the boat.

The group really enjoyed their time on the water and got very involved in the sailing the keelboats. It is an important part of all sessions at Port Edgar Watersports that the participants gets hands on experience of the sport that they are doing and develop a new skill.

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