Grey Owl Scout Canoe Paddle

A basic yet elegant entry level paddle recently upgraded with a tougher shaft and tear drop blade.

This beautiful, lightweight wooden paddle is strong, durable, and naturally buoyant. The grip is smooth and the blade moves in and out of the water effortlessly.

  • Grip – 3 ply laminated basswood, pear shape
  • Shaft – Solid basswood, oval 1 316” x 1 5⁄32
  • Blade – 3 ply laminated basswood
  • Blade Cross Section Style – Cambered
  • Tip Material & Style – Casting epoxy, straight
  • Finish – High gloss exterior polyurethane with UV block


Scout 54Scout 57Scout 60
Overall Length54”57”60”
Shaft Length32”35”38”
Blade Length22”22”22”
Blade Width7”7”7”
Blade Area (sq in)115115115
Average Weight (oz)192021